Friday, February 18, 2011

Pieces Of Me.

Hello! ♥
This Is Indeed My First Blog-- So I'll Start It Off With A Little Bit About... ME!

My Name Is Kasie. However People Always Mispronounce My Name... So I Use My Initials. KC ♥
I Was Born In Seoul, South Korea. You Better Believe It! Korea... Represent! SOUTH Korea, That Is!
I Have Three Dogs-- Lady: A Golden Retriever, Tramp: A Papillion // Poodle Mix, And Allie: A Bichon Frise. They Make Me Laugh And Smile Everyday. I Love It!

I Am Also Attending School, Currently Studying Pre-Med. I Hope, After Manyyyy Years Of Schooling, To Become A Pediatric Surgeon With Specialties In Either Neuro Or Neo-Natal. When I Become A Doctor I Hope To Have A Medical Breakthrough Of Some Kind. Everybody Wants To Find The Cure For Cancer, But I Want To Find The Cause And Cure For Autism!

I'm A Girl... So Of Course I Love Fashion! Clothes, Accessories, Hair, Make-Up, The Whole Bit! I Love Styling My Own Hair The Best! I Think That All Started Because I Don't Trust Anybody Else... Except My Mommy! To Do My Hair. I Like Spending Time Watching Tutorials On Youtube And Trying To Find New Ideas. I Also Like Looking Through Magazines And Different Fashion Trends And Styles!

However, Just Because I'm A Girl Does Not Mean I Don't Love Sports.... I DO! Baseball && Basketball Are My Favorite! Baseball-- Cincinnati Reds! My Dad And His Family Grew Up Liking The Cincinnati Reds And So Of Course I Followed. =) This Was A Great Year For The Reds! They Have Not Been In The Playoffs For FIFTEEN Years And They Made It This Year! Also They Had Some Reds In The All Star Game For Once! Joey Votto Was Named NL MVP And Was Even In The Race For Triple Crown! And They Got A Cuban Pitcher-- Chapman. He Can Throw Fast Balls Over 100 MPH! He's Gonna Be A Great Relieving Pitcher This Season! And For Basketball? The LA Lakers Of Course!! Gasol, Fisher, Artest, Odom, Bynum And Who Else? KOBE. Watching Lakers Game Are The Highlights Of My Nights. I I LOVE NBA Season. Because It Lasts From October To June. And The Remaining Months, I Get To Watch Baseball. It's A Win-Win For Me!

More About Me--
The Ups And Downs, Give Or Take.

I Work At A Restaurant As A Server And I Am Very OCD About Cleaning And Making Sure Things Are Put Away In The Right Place, Done The Right Way, Etc. Howeverrr... Not So Much When It Come To My Own Room! I'm Not Quite Sure Why This Is.... But I Need To Change That!!

I'm A Very Picky Eater. I Rarely Will Try Anything New If It Doesn't Appeal To Me. I Won't Even Consider It! I Hate Seafood, HATE, HATE, HATE It! Blechhh. I Have Very Cheap Taste. =) Easy Mac, Ramen Noodles, Bagel Bites, Love It! Take Me To A Fancy Restaurant And I Probablyyyy Won't Be Eating The Prime Rib, Haha.

I Don't Have A Problem Confronting Somebody If They're Irritating Me Or Doing Something Wrong. Especially At Work. However, That Trait Does Get Me In Trouble. =/

You Would Think That By Not Having Trouble Confronting Someone I Can Say Whatever's On My Mind.
Not So Much. If Something's Bothering Me Personally, I Tend To Keep Those Emotions Locked Up. I Have Trouble Talking About How I Feel, But I Don't Feel That That's Such A Bad Thing.

Perfectionist. That Would Be Me. If Something's Not Done Right, It Drives Me Crazyyy! And That Will Never Change, Ha.

Well Okayyyy-- I Think That About Sums It Up About Me!

Until Next Time. ♥