Friday, May 20, 2011

What Would You Do For A Penny?

Many Of Us Would Do A Lot For $100, $50, Or $20.
But What Would You Do For A Penny?
How Far Would You Go? How Much Would You Risk?
We Walk By People Everyday As If They're Worthless. Never Giving Them A Second Chance.
Never Knowing That They're Worth A Lot. That They Could Be Worth Everything.
How Many Times In A Day, In An Hour, In A Minute Do We All Make That Mistake?
How Hard Would It Be To Go Out Of Your Way To Say Hello To Someone That You See In The Halls At School Every Day, To A Coworker, To The Person You See In Line Every Day At Starbucks?

Would You Believe Me If I Say That Just By Making An Effort, You Changed Somebody's Day For The Better? Changed Their Life Maybe? Give It A Try.**I'd Like To Hear Your Opinions! Are You Willing To Give This A Try? What Are Your Reasons For Or For Not Doing So?

I Don't Regret Anything In Life, Because I Believe At One Point, It Was Exactly What You Wanted.
That My Choices And Actions Have Made Me Who I Am Today.
But You Know What? I Learned From It.

The Only Thing I Would Change If I Could? I'd Make That Effort To Say Hello To Somebody. To Be Their Friend. To Make Their Day A Little Bit Brighter Than What It Was.
Just Because I Didn't Do It Then, Doesn't Mean I Can't NOW.

The Past Is Simply That. It's Passed. There's Nothing You Can Do To Change It.
Quit Worrying About The Future And What Could Happen Tomorrow. Because Tomorrow? Tomorrow Has Enough Worries Of It's Own.
All You Can Do, Is Live In The Present. Because That's What It Is.
It's A Present. All You Can Do Is Live In The NOW. Make It Better Than Yesterday.

I Wish I Would Have Reached Out To The Someone Who Back Then, I Didn't Give The Time Of Day. Nor Did Anybody Else. But I Can't Mope Around Being Upset About It. Instead, I Can Change It, And Make It Happen NOW.

We're All The Work Of God, And God Works Through Every One Of Us.
"But He Said To Me, 'My Grace Is Sufficient For You, For My Power Is Made Perfect In Weakness.' Therefore I Will Boast All The More Gladly About My Weaknesses, So That Christ's Power May Rest On Me. That Is Why, For Christ's Sake, I Delight In Weaknesses, In Insults, In Hardships, In Persecutions, In Difficulties. For When I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong." 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

It Seems More Often Than Before, We Hear About Suicide [Teen & Adult], And School Shootings.
Did You Realize The The Majority Of Those Victims Were Alone?
Felt As If They Were In Fact Worthless. Just A Penny Beside A Stack Of 100 Dollar Bills.
They Felt Like They Didn't Matter, That They Had Nobody.
How Horrible For Somebody To Feel Like That.
Look At Your Best Friend. Maybe, If It Weren't For You.. They Wouldn't Be Here Today.
Well Why Not Make An Effort Every Day To Save A Life?
Look At The Person Beside You In Line At The Grocery Store. Maybe They're Thinking That They Don't Matter. That Nobody Cares.
How Awful Is It To Think That Because One Person Didn't Make An Effort, This Person Thinks They Don't Matter.

My New Life Goal Is To Look At People Twice. Not Even Twice.
To Smile At Them The First Time I See Them. To Brighten Their Day.
And I Know That God Has My Back.
"Whatever You Do, Work At It With All Your Heart, As Working For The Lord, Not For Men." --Colossians 3:23.

And Besides, Who's To Say It's Just The Lonely Ones You Help? Ever Think About Your Own Family? Friends. Classmates. Coworkers. What Would You Do If They Were Gone Tomorrow?

Did You Say It? "I Love You. I Don't Ever Want To Live Without You. You Changed My Life." Did You Say It? Make A Plan. Set A Goal. Work Toward It. But Every Now And Then, Look Around. Drink It In, Cuz This Is It. It May All Be Gone Tomorrow.

My Goal For The Month, Is To Introduce Myself To 5 New People. And Pray That I Brighten Their Day.

"To Save A Life" Is A Movie About An Outcast In Highschool Who Takes His Own Life Because He Felt That He And His Life Were Worthless. His Childhood Friend Is The All-Star At School, And Gives Up All Of His Dreams And Social Status, To Get To Know God And His Later On, New Friends.
This Movie Deals With Every Day Issues That Teens Face In Life As Of Now.
"To Save A Life" Was In Fact Written By A Youth Pastor, And Is Probably The Most Inspiring Movie I've Ever Seen. And I Strongly Encourage You To Watch It.

--kc ♥

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