Friday, July 22, 2011

Project: ME!

Alright, I've Put It Off Long Enough! Thought I'd Share My Latest Project With You All. Project: ME!
I've Been Unhappy With My Appearance And It's Time For Me To Be Happy With Myself. Not Just Happy About My Looks, Happy With Myself As A WHOLE! I Am Determined!

My Best Friend Got Me Started On The HCG Diet, Which Is Definitely A Start To This Project! It's A 3 Or 6  Week Diet. I Did The 3 Week Diet And Saw Some Awesome Results!

3 Weeks... 22 Pounds!

I Took  A 2 Week Break And I'm Starting It Up Again Tomorrow! Haven't Decided If I'm Doing The 3 Or 6 Week Yet...

My Goal For This Project Is To Be Able To Wear My Bridesmaid Dress For My Best Friend's Wedding In Septemeber. AND Without Wearing A Fat Sucker Inner... Haha. Also To Be Able To Be Confident In The Bikini I Bought And Wear It Before Summer Is Over.

This Is All I Have For Now... I'll Start Off Tomorrow With Day 1!!

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  1. You are doing very well! Keep up the positive attitude and you will go far :)