Tuesday, October 25, 2011

&& I'm The Girl...

I'm The Girl...
That Twirls Her Hair When She's Nervous.
That Likes To Drive Fast.
That Loves To Laugh Til She Cries.
That Is A Neat/Clean Freak.
That Takes A While To Understand A Joke Sometimes.
That Will Stand In The Rain.
That Is Probably More Obsessed With Sports Than You.
That Tries To Do Everything Herself.
That Loves To Bake.
That Will Try Almost Everything At Least Once.
That Likes To Workout.
That Has Dreams For Herself.
That Doesn't Give Up.
That Cares More About Her Friends And Family Than She Ever Will For Herself.
That Would Cook For You.
That Cleans At 2 In The Morning.
That Hates Putting Laundry Away.
That Has Emotional Breakdowns Every Now And Then.
That's Done Seeing The Bad In Everything.
That Makes Her Own Opinions Of Someone Before Listening To Anybody Else.
That Is An Overachiever.
That Likes To Have Fun.
That Jams Out To Music In The Car And Don't Care What People May Think.
That Doesn't Always See What Others See In The Mirror.
That Is An Organizational Freak.
That Doesn't Mind Having A Drink... Or 10.
That Doesn't Always Know How To Express What's On Her Mind.
That Hates Lazy People.
That Loves Music Not For The Music, But For The Lyrics.
That Is Afraid You'll Never Understand Her.
That Hates When You Cant Be Straight Forward.
That Loves Flowers.
That Thinks Too Much.
That Hates Not Being Able To Please Everybody.
That Would Love For You To Snuggle On The Couch To Watch Grey's With Her. :)
That Would Love If You Cooked For Her.
That Can Be Impatient.
That Is Patient.
That Loves Acoustic Covers.
That Loves Boys In Pick Up Trucks.
That Works 2 Full Time Jobs And Goes To School Full Time.
That Hates People That Are On Food Stamps And Live Off The Government When They Spend Money On Things They Don't Need.
That Votes-- And Pays Attention To News And Politics.
That Hates To Be Alone.
That Loves Boys Who Love Sports.
That In The End, Does Need You Even If She Says She Doesn't.
If You Can't Accept Me At My Worst, You Sure As Hell Don't Deserve Me At My Best.

...I'm That Girl.

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