Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Now... Or Never.

The Last Couple Months I've Been On A Serious Emotional Rollercoaster.
I'm Tired Of Worrying About Hurting People And Looking Out For Other People's Feelings.
Sick Of Trying To Make Everybody Happy.
Because In Turn, It's Hurt MY Feelings And Made Me Less Happy...

And With That-- It's Made Me Second Guess Myself. A LOT.
I'm A Girl, I've Always Had Some Image Issues... But I Let Them Get Worse.
I Let Myself Think I Wasn't Good Enough.
I Hated My Job.
I Didn't Want To Be Around People.
And I Let EVERYTHING Bother Me.

Somehow, Someway-- Something Came Over Me In The Last Couple Days. It's Like I Woke Up A Brand New Person!!

This Is Where I'm At Right Now ::
It's Taken A Lot Of Strength And Alone Time Plus The Encouragement Of Others To Make Me Realize That I Look Good. That I'm Beautiful. To Be Happy With How I Look And Feel About Myself. Granted I'm Not A Size 2, And I Know There's Work To Be Done... But For Now-- I'm HAPPY.

I've Realized That I Need People In My Life. I Need People To Talk To If Need Be, People To Talk To To Ask Advice, To Laugh With Someone And Have Them Laugh At Me. Feeling Alone, Being Alone... Possible The WORST Feeling In The World. Granted Yes Everyone Needs Their Alone Time-- But When You Feel Like That Every Hour Of Every Day... It's Not Fun.

I Quit Caring About The Stupid, Little Things. I've Had FUN At My Job The Last Couple Nights. I Quit Letting Everything Bother Me And Effect How I Do My Job. I Went From Being Stressed And Hating My Job Every Single Night, To Being Carefree, Easygoing, LOVING My Job. :)

I'm DONE Living In The What Coulda Been, Shoulda Beens And The What Ifs. All I Need To Worry About Is The RIGHT NOWWW! There's Nothing I Can Do To Change The Past And Tomorrow Has Enough Worries Of Its Own.

I Know What I Want And What Makes Me Or Could Make Me Happy. And Now I Just Need To Strive For It, Grab It, Hold On And Enjoy The Ride!! And I'm Not Letting ANYTHING OR ANYONE Get In My Way!

And You Know What I've Decided?? Life Is All About The Risks That You Take. You Can't Go On Wondering What If, What If... FIND OUT!! I'm Done Living Inside The Glass House. Time To Step Out And Take In Whatever's Thrown At Me! If You Don't Take The Risk, You'll Kill Yourself Wondering What Could Have Been. It's Now Or Never. So Why Not Live In The Now?

I'm A Stronger Woman Now Than I've Ever Been!! There's Nothing You Can Do Or Say That Will Beat Me Down. Obviously If You Try To Succeed At That There's No Reason For You To Be In My Life. Dont Try To Play Me When I Can Play Just As Good If Not Better At The Same Game.

This Blog Could Have Been MUCH More Detailed But I Decided To Keep It Simple.
This Is Who I Am.


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