Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fresh Beginnings, New Goals!

Today Is Day 3 On The HCG, But Day 1 Of The Diet.
For Breakfast I Had A Grapefruit. And Good Ol' H2O.
Lunch? I'm Thinking A Green Smoothie From Bev's Brew. Which Has Spinach, Kale, Parsely And Apple. Dinner? Will Be Steak Or Chicken (3 Oz) With A Salad I'm Thinking. Of Course... No Croutons, Cheese, Bacon, Or Dressing. But Lemon Juice It Is!
On This Second Go-Around Of The HCG, I Am Setting New Goals For Myself. Granted, I Still Have To Old Goals I Want To Meet, But There's Nothing Wrong With Wanting To Accomplish More.
  • Fit Into My Bridesmaid Dress. It Fits Fine, But My Tummy Sticks Out A Bit... I Want To Be Able To Wear It Comfortably Without A Fat Sucker Inner, Haha.
  • Be Able To Wear My Bikini That I Bought For Motivation BEFORE Summer Is Over... Almost There! :)
  • Complete A 5K.
  • Not Let Results Or Lack Thereof Get Me Down.
  • Not To Let Peoples Opinions Or Judgements Effect Me.
I'd Say Those Are Pretty Good Starting Goals! And The Best Part Is, I'm Almost There!

So As Of Today, My Starting Weight Is... GULP! 182....
But I Know I Can Do This!

Wish Me Luck! <3

"Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels."

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