Thursday, July 28, 2011

Staying Accountable!!

My Coworker And Friend Emma Is On Weight Watchers And Lately She's Been Keeping Track Of Her Points Via Blog. Which Seems Very Helpful!! So I Decided I'm Going To Keep Track Of My Calories Via Blog. :) I Think It's A Good Way For Me To Keep Track And Hold My Self Accountable.

I've Found Some Awesome Recipes That Work With HCG So I Am Going To Try New Things And Post Those As Well.

Today I Had...

Breakfast-- 1/2 Grapefruit : 41 Calories.
Lunch-- 2 Oz Tuna : 24 Calories
             5 Melba Toast Crackers (Roasted Garlic) : 30 Calories
Snack-- 5 Strawberries : 10 Calories
Dinner-- Salad With Chicken.
              Chicken  (2 oz) : 50 Calories

              1/2 Cup Steamed Cauliflower : 14.6 Calories
              1/4 Cup Grape Tomatoes : 8 Calories
              4 Steamed Asparagus : 13 Calories

              5 oz Spring Mix : 20 Calories

Calories Allowed :: 500
Calories Used :: 210.6

It Was A Rough Day Today... Busy And Stressful. A Lot Of People Eat When They're Stressed, But Not Me. So This Is What I Ate Today Which Is Way Less Than I Should Have Eaten... But Eh, You Win Some-- You Lose Some! Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day! I Also Drank Water All Day Today! :) Starting Tomorrow I'm Going To Start Posting My Weight Every Day! We'll See How This Goes....

Also Starting Tomorrow I'm Going To Do Some Running/Walking/Jogging! Gotta Get Ready For The 5K! I Also Need To Start Working On My Abs...

Until Tomorrow!       

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