Sunday, July 31, 2011


Weigh In Today.... 176.

Today I Ate...

Breakfast-- 1 Orange : 62 Calories
Lunch--        Nothing.
Snack--        1 Tangerine : 37 Calories
Dinner--       Salad With Grilled Chicken
                     7 Oz Grilled Chicken Breast : 250 Calories
                     1 Hard Boiled Egg : 76 Calories
                     1/4 Cup Diced Tomatoes : 8 Calories
                     1 Teaspoon Heinz Mustard : 10 Calories
                     5 Ounces Romaine Lettuce : 2 Calories

Calories Allowed :: 500
Calories Used :: 445

So I Found Out Today That It Is IMPOSSIBLE To Be On This Diet And Go Out To Eat...


Today I Weighed In At Exactly 178.6. Again... But Like I Said-- I'm Not Going To Let Lack Of Results Get Me Down! The Way I See It :: It's Better Than GAINING Weight!

Today I Had...

Breakfast-- 1 Orange : 62 Calories
Lunch--        Salad With Grilled Chicken
                     5 Ounces Spring Mix : 20 Calories
                     1/4 Cup Diced Tomatoes : 8 Calories
                     1 Hard Boiled Egg : 76 Calories
                     1 Tablespoon Grey Poupon Mustard : 15 Calories
                     7 oz Grilled Chicken Breast : 250 Calories
Dinner--       Salad With Chicken
                     2 Ounces Chicken : 50 Calories
                     5 Ounces Spring Mix : 20 Calories
                     1 Poached Egg : 76 Calories
                     (I Forgot I Already Had An Egg Today. Oops!)
                     1/2 Cup Steamed Cauliflower : 14.6 Calories
                     1/4 Cup Grape Tomatoes : 8 Calories

Calories Allowed :: 500
Calories Used :: 599.6

Oops... The Extra Egg Didn't Help At All. That And I Was Only Supposed To Have 3 Ounces Of Chicken Or Less And I Ended Up Having More. Dang It!
Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Well! My Weigh In This Morning Was 178.6! Making Progress I'd Say!

Today I Ate...

Breakfast-- 1/2 Grapefruit : 41 Calories
                     2 Cups Of Coffee (Decaf) : 0 Calories

Snack--       8 Strawberries : 16 Calories
Lunch--      1 Small Apple : 55 Calories (Wasn't Hungry)
Dinner--     Steak And Potato Salad From Applebee's

                  (No Potatoes Or Peppers)
                   2 oz Spinach : 14 Calories
                   1 Hard Boiled Egg : 76 Calories
                   1/4 Cup Diced Tomatoes : 8 Calories
                   2 Tablespoons Grey Poupon Mustard : 30 Calories

                   4 oz Sirloin Steak : 212 Calories!

Calories Allowed :: 500
Calories Used :: 452

Better Day Than Yesterday! I'm Also On A Colon Cleanser And Drinking Water Throughout The Day. So I Think Things Are Progressing!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Staying Accountable!!

My Coworker And Friend Emma Is On Weight Watchers And Lately She's Been Keeping Track Of Her Points Via Blog. Which Seems Very Helpful!! So I Decided I'm Going To Keep Track Of My Calories Via Blog. :) I Think It's A Good Way For Me To Keep Track And Hold My Self Accountable.

I've Found Some Awesome Recipes That Work With HCG So I Am Going To Try New Things And Post Those As Well.

Today I Had...

Breakfast-- 1/2 Grapefruit : 41 Calories.
Lunch-- 2 Oz Tuna : 24 Calories
             5 Melba Toast Crackers (Roasted Garlic) : 30 Calories
Snack-- 5 Strawberries : 10 Calories
Dinner-- Salad With Chicken.
              Chicken  (2 oz) : 50 Calories

              1/2 Cup Steamed Cauliflower : 14.6 Calories
              1/4 Cup Grape Tomatoes : 8 Calories
              4 Steamed Asparagus : 13 Calories

              5 oz Spring Mix : 20 Calories

Calories Allowed :: 500
Calories Used :: 210.6

It Was A Rough Day Today... Busy And Stressful. A Lot Of People Eat When They're Stressed, But Not Me. So This Is What I Ate Today Which Is Way Less Than I Should Have Eaten... But Eh, You Win Some-- You Lose Some! Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day! I Also Drank Water All Day Today! :) Starting Tomorrow I'm Going To Start Posting My Weight Every Day! We'll See How This Goes....

Also Starting Tomorrow I'm Going To Do Some Running/Walking/Jogging! Gotta Get Ready For The 5K! I Also Need To Start Working On My Abs...

Until Tomorrow!       

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fresh Beginnings, New Goals!

Today Is Day 3 On The HCG, But Day 1 Of The Diet.
For Breakfast I Had A Grapefruit. And Good Ol' H2O.
Lunch? I'm Thinking A Green Smoothie From Bev's Brew. Which Has Spinach, Kale, Parsely And Apple. Dinner? Will Be Steak Or Chicken (3 Oz) With A Salad I'm Thinking. Of Course... No Croutons, Cheese, Bacon, Or Dressing. But Lemon Juice It Is!
On This Second Go-Around Of The HCG, I Am Setting New Goals For Myself. Granted, I Still Have To Old Goals I Want To Meet, But There's Nothing Wrong With Wanting To Accomplish More.
  • Fit Into My Bridesmaid Dress. It Fits Fine, But My Tummy Sticks Out A Bit... I Want To Be Able To Wear It Comfortably Without A Fat Sucker Inner, Haha.
  • Be Able To Wear My Bikini That I Bought For Motivation BEFORE Summer Is Over... Almost There! :)
  • Complete A 5K.
  • Not Let Results Or Lack Thereof Get Me Down.
  • Not To Let Peoples Opinions Or Judgements Effect Me.
I'd Say Those Are Pretty Good Starting Goals! And The Best Part Is, I'm Almost There!

So As Of Today, My Starting Weight Is... GULP! 182....
But I Know I Can Do This!

Wish Me Luck! <3

"Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels."

Monday, July 25, 2011

Late Start...

So I Originally Was Going To Be Starting The HCG Up Again On Saturday... But That Never Happened Because I Couldn't Find My Pills. :(
But Then I Found Them And Started Sunday!
Yesterday And Today Are "Load Days." Which Is Basically You Loading Up On Calories. You Eat Pretty Much Everything And Anything.
I Might Mention That Loading = Disgusting!!!
You Feel Disgusting At Least. Or I Do.
So Tomorrow I Start The 500 Calorie Diet. I Would Say Wish Me Luck, But I've Done It Before And I Know I Can Handle It. :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Project: ME!

Alright, I've Put It Off Long Enough! Thought I'd Share My Latest Project With You All. Project: ME!
I've Been Unhappy With My Appearance And It's Time For Me To Be Happy With Myself. Not Just Happy About My Looks, Happy With Myself As A WHOLE! I Am Determined!

My Best Friend Got Me Started On The HCG Diet, Which Is Definitely A Start To This Project! It's A 3 Or 6  Week Diet. I Did The 3 Week Diet And Saw Some Awesome Results!

3 Weeks... 22 Pounds!

I Took  A 2 Week Break And I'm Starting It Up Again Tomorrow! Haven't Decided If I'm Doing The 3 Or 6 Week Yet...

My Goal For This Project Is To Be Able To Wear My Bridesmaid Dress For My Best Friend's Wedding In Septemeber. AND Without Wearing A Fat Sucker Inner... Haha. Also To Be Able To Be Confident In The Bikini I Bought And Wear It Before Summer Is Over.

This Is All I Have For Now... I'll Start Off Tomorrow With Day 1!!